Selecting A Suitable Portable Bathroom Solution For Your Needs

Making sure you get value for money in any product or service you buy is important and portable bathrooms are no exception. A luxury portable bathroom must of course give you the comforts you would expect from a home bathroom if it’s to meet your expectations. So, what does that mean exactly?

A Flushing, Odourless Toilet

Sounds simple and basic enough and it should be your bare minimum requirement. If you are looking for a bathroom with luxury and class the toilet waste should be removed from the system so as each person uses the bathroom it is as fresh and clean as the last person experienced. This can be achieved by connecting the bathroom to an existing sewer line or system or transferring waste to a macerator so that all waste is taken away.

A Spacious Vanity Area

Room to move is imperative in a luxury bathroom unit. You should be able to use the toilet, wash your hands, apply cosmetics and shave comfortably without your elbows hitting the walls, your head knocking on the ceiling or the door resting against you. If you are hiring a bathroom for a longer term such as for a bathroom renovation, a more spacious unit is highly recommended if you don’t want to feel completely inconvenienced.

Racks, Hooks and Consumables

Having ample space is one thing, using it effectively is another. Ever used a public ablutions block only to find there is absolutely no where to put your towel, toiletries or clean clothes? It seems to defeat the purpose of having a shower when all your fresh, clean gear has to lay on the floor. A well designed portable bathroom will have towel racks, receptacles for soap, shampoo, conditioner and a few extras, a toilet roll holder and space around the vanity for any other items you may want easy access too.

A good portable bathroom provider will also include consumables in the hire such as toilet paper and soap.

Hot Water and Electricity

Even in warm weather, no one wants to have a cold shower. A luxury portable bathroom unit provider should be able to connect gas heated water so that showers can be hot but also have a temperature control safety feature to ensure no scalding. The same goes for power connected to the portable bathroom. Not only should lighting and power points be part of a unit, electrical plugs need to be grounded with circuit breakers should be included to avoid any risk due to power surges.

Great Service

Last but not least, the most amazing portable bathroom unit in the world is not worth the expense if your supplier is not prepared to undertake delivery, full installation, explanation of any features and removal without damage. Make sure your supplier is prepared to do all the work as it is their portable bathroom unit and the connections and disconnections should be their responsibility as part of your hire costs.


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