Yes, that’s right, bathrooms, not just portable toilets and ugly port-a-loo’s.

Guests for more lavish or long-lasting events such as weddings like to have some room to move while adjusting their attire, makeup and have a general refresh.

Choosing portable bathroom or toilet facilities for weddings comes down to the number of guests and likely timeframe of the reception. Some couples like to keep things short and sweet, others see their union as an opportunity to see friends and family and have a really fantastic all night party.

Providing a couple of fully appointed bathrooms, especially for the ladies and most notably a bride whose ensemble may be best suited to a larger area in which to enable room to move is definitely a positive decision.

If you have a large guest list certainly providing portable toilets to those guests who simply need to go and get back to the party is also recommended.

Our luxury portable toilet range provides a lot of great options for outdoor wedding venues. Even our basic models still have flushing toilets, a large vanity area, hot shower and spacious interior.

As you move up in the range to our luxury restroom trailers, added extras such as heated mirrors, vents, skylights, air conditioning, bluetooth sound system and external lighting are included. They are the most luxury potrable bathroom solution available in Australia and you can only hire them from Brisbane Bathroom Hire.

No matter what your needs are we will definitely have the units you’ll require to have a wonderful day.


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