Luxury Portable Bathroom Gen 2

Latest Model Luxury Portable Bathroom from Ensuites On Tow

Brisbane Bathroom Hire is proud to now offer the latest model Luxury Portable Bathroom from Australia’s top portable ensuite manufacturer Ensuites On Tow. With a new colour scheme for a more modern feel sets the new generation portable bathroom ahead of the rest.

New features include:

  • Large sky light and vent for better air flow reducing condensation and keeping the bathroom cool in summer
  • Heated mirror for mist free vision
  • External light and illuminated grab rail for night time visits
  • USB Port (very latest models) to charge ‘on the go’.
  • Large reversible/thermostat controlled ceiling fan (very latest models) for even faster steam removal and inward airflow in summer
  • Latest “Non Clogging’ high performance macerator pump for trouble free operation.

Portable Bathrooms For All Occasions

Having these luxury portable bathrooms nearby for different events in the area is so convenient for guests and event hosts alike. They’re clean, comfortable, and spacious. Call us today to rent your own luxury portable bathroom for functions held by you.


Sink and Heated Mirror

There is a sizable sink available for washing up with a beautiful chrome tap. There is enough room for toiletries on the vanity bench top. There is a large mirror attached above the sink perfect for freshening up. The heating feature keeps the mirror clear of steam and condensation.

Spacious Shower

Enjoy hot showers in these roomy mobile washrooms. There are also little shelving units built in for soap and shampoo. Floors are slip resistant for your safety.

Special Dual-Flush Toilet

You can choose to flush more or less with the built-in environmentally friendly toilet. The lines attached to the toilet carries wastes directly out of the mobile washrooms to a septic tank or directly to sewage lines. Odours are not a problem and you’re left with a sanitary washroom.


Built-in Shower Recess

The shower is spacious and roomy and even comes with a built-in shower recess for your shampoo, conditioner or razor.

Illuminated Grab Rail

The illumintaed grab rail not only allows safe entry and exit of the ensuite but adds extra safety and convenience during night time visits. A step light also forms part of our exterior lighting features.

USB Port

The latest feature to be added is a USB port to allow the charging of USB devices such as your smart phone or IPad.

Heated Shower

All units have built in electric hot water heaters. You won’t get scalded. The electric hot water heaters are set up so that they won’t overheat. You’ll get instantaneous and on-demand hot water heating that won’t get cold.

Ventilation and Roof Window

In the ceiling of each unit is a skylight that provides natural lighting during the day. It can be opened up to provide fresh air and more ventilation. There is a screen available to keep out the critters that might want to wander in. If you don’t want to have the skylight open, you can keep it closed and locked up with an adjustable sliding door.

Metal Towel Rack

Each mobile washroom unit comes with a towel rack that doubles as a hanging area for wet towels or clothing.

We Deliver On Service

Brisbane Bathroom Hire has an absolute commitment to high quality customer service. We are confident you will not be disappointed with our products and to ensure you experience the best possible service, we offer you the best delivery and installation service in Australia. Put simply, we are a full premium service, we assess with you on site, locate the required utilities and install your unit to ensure maximum safety for you and your guests. We check all leads and chords, tripping hazards, install screens, make sure the site is level and give you a complete demonstration of the unit.


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