Mobile Bathroom Rentals For Outdoor Weddings

Professional Installation Services Included

We rent out mobile washroom units for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions. If you hire our luxury units, it’s one more thing that you won’t need to worry about on your important day. You can relax knowing that clean washrooms are available for your guests so that they won’t feel uncomfortable during the ceremony or reception. They will help your day go as smoothly as possible. If they’re set up close the venue, you and your guests will not have to walk far for relief.
They’re convenient for showers or touching up makeup.  You’ll be amazed at how comfortable and stylish the mobile units are. Everything is set up to make you feel like you’re at home. Contact us to discuss which mobile units you would like to rent for your big day.

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Private Screening Options Available

We have a range of options for your outdoor wedding, deluxe ensuites to premium portable bathroom solutions, so everyone can be refreshed and comfortable.

Brisbane Bathroom Hire supply very discrete options for your wedding so your guests can be comfortable without accidentally having a toilet in the background of your guest’s wedding photos.

Segregated ladies and gents toilets, dividers and privacy installed by the team at Brisbane Bathroom Hire.

We Deliver On Service

Brisbane Bathroom Hire has an absolute commitment to high quality customer service. We are confident you will not be disappointed with our products and to ensure you experience the best possible service, we offer you the best delivery and installation service in Australia. Put simply, we are a full premium service, we assess with you on site, locate the required utilities and install your unit to ensure maximum safety for you and your guests. We check all leads and chords, tripping hazards, install screens, make sure the site is level and give you a complete demonstration of the unit.


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