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We offer advanced and original mobile washrooms that feature spacious showers, modern toilets and vanities all at your convenience.

Brisbane Bathroom Hire came to be 13 years ago filling the large void for luxury mobile washroom services. Our mobile washrooms are excellent temporary replacements for occasions when home bathrooms are undergoing renovations. They’ve replaced the scary portable toilets that were usually the mark of construction and builder sites and festival events. Our unique mobile washrooms with showers have enhanced many functions including outdoor weddings and music festivals.

Mobile washrooms are excellent to rent when you’re doing home bathroom renovations. When the washrooms at venues for your events are not up to par, these are great alternatives. They’re clean and comfortable. If there is not enough room at your house when family and friends come over for large gatherings, rent one or more of these units for extra washroom utilities. Guests will not be the only ones to love these units. With a full shower and toilet amenities, we’re sure you’ll love these mobile washrooms too! Hot water is always ready from the built-in electric heater. Temperatures will always be to your liking with the space heater installed as well. These will be the so popular that you’ll probably need to rent a few for big events to prevent big lineups.
All the facilities are designed up to code and our staff will make sure they’re up to the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness.

  • Affordable Mobile Washrooms
  • Excellent Quality Units
  • Impeccable Service
  • High Standard of Cleanliness
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