Glamping Event Hire

Glamping is a growing trend here in Australia, whether you are glamping on the beach, in the mountains, on a farm or at a major event. Home comforts and guest satisfaction are the main considerations for most glamping companies when it comes to hiring portable bathrooms. At Brisbane Bathroom hire we have all your glamping requirements covered when it comes to clean showers and portable bathroom solutions for your guests. We recommend the Dual Deluxe Toilet Suite or the Premium portable Toilets.

Dual Deluxe Toilet Suites for your next glamping event.

It’s what’s inside that counts:

Offering two luxury portable toilets complete with quality fixtures including up market toilet suites, the Dual Deluxe Toilet Suite raises the benchmark when it comes to portable toilets. No chemicals so no tanks so no smell. Sits neatly on the ground for easy access. Impress your guests at your next event with the Luxury Toilet Trailers

Comforts Of Premium Toilet Units

Hot Water System

A fast recovery 50 litre storage electric hot water service takes care of all you hot water needs allowing warm comfortable showers.


Your safety is paramount and as required all bathrooms feature RCB “Safety devices” and double poled power outlets.

Water Safety

All of our bathrooms are fitted with “Tempering” valves to ensuring water will not be delivered above 50ºC eliminating the possibility of scalding. Both the hot and cold water lines are fitted with pressure relief valves and all fixtures are WELS rated.

Water Treatment

An onboard macerator pump automatically removes the waste and delivers it to the sewer as required.

Room to Move

Our bathrooms are very spacious, allowing plenty of room for family use.

Room Heating

Our bathrooms come standard with high efficiency, thermostatically controlled room heaters providing year round temperature comfort day or night!

We Deliver On Service

Brisbane Bathroom Hire has an absolute commitment to high quality customer service. We are confident you will not be disappointed with our products and to ensure you experience the best possible service, we offer you the best delivery and installation service in Australia. Put simply, we are a full premium service, we assess with you on site, locate the required utilities and install your unit to ensure maximum safety for you and your guests. We check all leads and chords, tripping hazards, install screens, make sure the site is level and give you a complete demonstration of the unit.

Video For Luxury Portable Bathroom Gen 2


Luxury Portable Bathrooms For Glamping Events?