Completely Serviced Mobile Washrooms

Convenient, clean, and classy. The luxurious portable bathroom gives you the comforts of home when your home washroom is unavailable.


Vanity Area Testimonials | Best Portable Toilets

Vanity Area

This area comes with a porcelain sink and chrome single hot and cold water tap situated on a spacious vanity top. There is a large well-lit mirror above the sink for all your grooming needs.


The skylight provides additional light during the day to keep the mobile washroom bright. For privacy and protection from insects, the skylight comes with a retractable screen that allows for good ventilation and fresh air. For additional ventilation, the mobile washroom is equipped with a fan.

Bright Lighting

For safety, there is an exterior light provided. Inside is lit by fluorescent lights that enable you to do your make-up and grooming easily.

Chrome Towel Racks

All the en-suites comes with a towel rack that you can place your new and folded towels on and that also allows you to hang your used towels, hand towels, or your clothes underneath.

Spacious Shower

The mobile unit is equipped with an adult-sized shower that comes with a curtain, standard shower head and tap. There are small receptacles that fit soap and shampoo.

Dual-flush Toilet

The toilet is similar to the ones you have in your bathroom but more efficient with dual flush. Wastes are out of sight and out of mind. Once you flush, wastes are pumped away either to a holding septic tank or directly to the sewer.


Hot Water System

To give you the luxury of warm or hot showers, there is an electric-powered fast-recovery hot water system installed. This comes with each of our portable bathroom units for your convenience.

Low Environmental Impact

We’ve designed our mobile units to have the least possible negative impact on the environment without minimalizing your comfort.

Water Temperature Safety

Another safety feature installed is temperature control for the hot water system so that it will not burn you while you take your hot showers. The temperature will not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

Waste Management

The toilet is connected to a macerator septic system that makes sure there will be no blockages as waste goes to the septic tank or to the sewer.

Electrical Safety

We put safety first for you and your guests. There are grounded electrical plug-ins in place with circuit breakers in case of power surges from electrical sources.

Space Heating

If you ever feel cool, turn the heat up with the electric-powered heater also part of the mobile washroom.

We Deliver On Service

Brisbane Bathroom Hire has an absolute commitment to high quality customer service. We are confident you will not be disappointed with our products and to ensure you experience the best possible service, we offer you the best delivery and installation service in Australia. Put simply, we are a full premium service, we assess with you on site, locate the required utilities and install your unit to ensure maximum safety for you and your guests. We check all leads and chords, tripping hazards, install screens, make sure the site is level and give you a complete demonstration of the unit.