Turn Camping Into Glamping With A Portable Bathroom

A lot of people love the idea of camping but one of the biggest issues putting people off is bathrooms. While roughing it in terms of putting up a tent, or rigging up a marquee and other methods of shade and weather protection are not an issue, the thought of no shower (let alone a hot shower) or clean toilet at the end of a day of swimming in the waterfall and hiking through a beautiful rainforest really puts many of us off the great outdoors.

It can be a tricky subject to discuss, but we all need to go sometime. The behind the tree option can work in some situations but not all. Roadside and National public toilets are often in good working order and clean but rarely located handy to your camping spot.

Quiet and secluded areas of our great country is really where you want to be. Certainly getting away from it all is the main point of camping, isn’t it? So while you may be near the clean ablutions block at the Big4 Holiday Park, you are also within meters of every other camper.

Some of you may be quite comfortable with the art of digging a hole, but in my experience, it’s not like those gardening shows on TV. Most areas in Australia are so rock hard you need a jackhammer to make a decent drop hole and by then the need to relieve yourself has become quite urgent.

So what is one to do? Forgo the treasures of our great land? Certainly not! Just hire yourself a portable bathroom. You can have not only the clean toilet but a hot shower as well.

Rather than trialling every portable toilet and shower invention from every camping shop around town, just hire and hook up a portable bathroom solution. Once done, glamping can be achieved at any destination or location you choose. No matter how far away you are from home, you can enjoy the comforts.

Portable bathrooms for camping have a waste unit and gas for hot water which is why they are such a pleasure to use. So, now when mother nature calls, you can go with bells on in both true meanings of the term.


*Some bathroom products may not be available for all types of camping experiences – please contact us first to discuss what type of camping you are doing so we can find the perfect portable solution to suit your needs.

Glamping Event Hire Brisbane | Bathroom and Toilet Hire for Events

Glamping Event Hire Brisbane | Bathroom and Toilet Hire for Events