How To Hold A Successful Sporting Event In Brisbane

Like any event, preparation and planning are your key elements to pulling off a fantastic sporting event for competitors, spectators and organisers alike.

Give yourself plenty of time to get everything together – even up to a year – especially if you are a first timer. Don’t be afraid or too proud to seek assistance from those who have done it before because they will have seen and experienced things you may not have thought of that can really make a difference.

If you’re planning an amateur event you have some room for error as expectations will be more reasonable. Getting the logistics right is what will make your event run smoothly. After you have considered everything, run through a trial yourself and see if it all comes together.

It is likely that your venue will be held on a public space and you’ll need to seek local government approval. This is also another useful area to get tips on how to make sure your event meets guidelines, health and safety policies and insurance requirements. So, if you have all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted, what can you do to make sure your event is not just efficiently operated but satisfying and successful?

We think it’s all about the portable toilet loo’s!


Clean Facilities

Make sure portable bathrooms and toilets are regularly cleaned. If you have a great team of volunteers on hand they should rotate on this job often just to make sure there are no slippery surfaces and consumables are replenished. If the facilities are for competitors to use during the event, they will be rushed and wet floors can make for a nasty blip on your record.

Locate Bathrooms and Toilets Suitably

Consider who is using the bathrooms you are hiring? Toilets for spectators need to be accessible for everyone and in locations where they will not hinder your event. Bathrooms for competitors need to be close to where changing is likely to take place and provide privacy.

Make Sure You Have Enough Bathrooms

What are the facilities to be used for? There need to be enough showers and toilets for competitors so work out how many you will need or ask your supplier to assist. Spectators also hate having to queue for toilets and having them at multiple locations across your site will ensure people don’t have to go from one end to the other when they do need to go.

If your site does not allow for a portable bathroom to be connected to an existing sewer system water storage and waste will be required. This is another reason why getting your numbers right is important.

Don’t let finding a bathroom be the one thing that detracts from your sporting event. Get great advice from the right source and you’ll be on track for holding a successful community event that you may end up repeating year after year.


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