The Benefits Of Outdoor Corporate Events

Getting everyone out of the office or worksite for a change is the best way to increase staff morale and team building. If your organisation is office or site based then think outside the box and rather than booking those corporate retreats which just put everyone in another air conditioned building, take them outside to really get the creative juices flowing and take away the comfort zone to increase new ideas and brainstorming beyond the four walls and white board.

Outdoor team building has been found to really build group development, allow managers to see team players in action and identify areas for training, promotion and skill development in a coordinated yet open environment. It also helps team members to appreciate the expertise others have to offer which are not always evident in the confines of an office workspace.

At the end of most outdoor corporate activities managers found productivity back at the office to be improved with a greater sense of teamwork evident. As employee capabilities are revealed in team building activities, it allows greater diversity of task sharing and sharing of ideas. Problem solving skills and overall motivation are also improved amongst most employees.

So with all those great benefits what’s holding you back from organising your next corporate event outdoors? Here are some tips to get started.


The Venue

Consider somewhere that few people may have been before that is far enough away from home or the office to feel that everyone is really getting away. The location doesn’t necessarily have to have many amenities as you can always hire facilities required. Just as long as there are no issues with people getting there and if so, a bus from a suitable location will serve perfectly.



These can range from anything rogaining and orienteering to raft building and tug of war. Think about what you want to get out of the team building. Is it improved problem solving, greater collaboration and networking or is just a rewarding experience in appreciation of a good’s year’s work? In this case it may just revolve around fun games and sports. Thinking about your goals for the event will help to establish what activities you want to provide.


The Facilities

Being outdoors is great for many reasons. Fresh air, to get away from the office, to completely relax for a while but, it is missing some fundamental elements that are essential for employees to feel comfortable together. Unlike spending time with family which is more relaxed, this still needs to be considered a work environment. Therefore, health and safety needs to considered, shade and shelter, bathroom facilities, catering and if you plan to make it a working event, materials to enable that to happen depending on what activities you’re planning.



Definitely not something to leave off the to do list when organising a corporate event. Bathrooms provided at a corporate event need to be clean and hygienic as well as presented professionally. After all, you’re not taking the local school group on a bush walk. You are taking your greatest asset (your staff) away with the intent of increasing their productivity, creativity and team engagement.

Keep that in mind when booking and choosing all your facilities, materials and refreshments for the day. It must be a pleasant experience if you don’t want the corporate event notification email to be opened with grudging and resentment.

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