Portable Bathroom Solutions, Toilets and Hot Showers

Accessible, comfortable, and sanitary, these mobile bathroom units enable you to have washroom services wherever you are whether your own bathroom is out of commission during renovations or you’re having an event that requires these mobile units for many people. These units are equipped with everything you need and are the perfect portable bathroom solution for your needs Check out some of the features that our units offer.

Mobile Washrooms for Rent

Convenience, cleanliness, and comfort in one unit.

What The Mobile Units Offer

Basin And Powder Area

The washroom sink has enough space for shaving and general toiletries. There is a large mirror above the sink for perfect makeup application and grooming.

Roomy Shower Area

There is an easy-to-use tap and simple shower head. The shower in the unit comes with little shelves available to hold soap and shampoo. The floor is also made of material that is slip resistant. The shower curtain pulls closed to enclose the spacious shower area.

Water Closet

The toilet flushes efficiently with a dual-flushing system. All substances will be flushed to the septic tanks that can be drained later or the toilet can be connected to a sewage disposal drain right away to get rid of wastes right after you flush.

Refresh Yourself

Hot and Cold Water Temperatures

Comfortable showers can be had with the electric hot water system connected to the shower. A fast recovery system ensures hot water will last during showers.


For safe usage, the unit is equipped with circuit breakers and self-grounding outlets.


The electric water heater has been set to prevent burning or temperatures too hot too handle. All water lines have been properly set up and are up to code.

Waste Management

There is a sewage grinder pump installed that prevents blockages. All wastes will be disposed off into the sewer.


A small family or a couple can easily fit in the Luxury Portable Bathroom unit.

The Mobile Washroom Units In Action